Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Help, I Need Somebody!

Fifty years ago the Beatles arrived on the music scene. Their music took the world by storm, and they truly impacted the music industry.  One of their hits was a song entitled, “Help.” 

When I was growing up I wanted to be just like my dad.  He was a self-made man.  He never went to college but ended up owning a very large packaging business in Chicago.  Later he would sell that business, and at 45 years old was able to retire.  What does it mean to be “self-made?”  Basically it means that you can do it on your own, you don’t need anyone’s help in achieving your goals.  The image of being “self-made” is embraced in today’s world, and I believe that it’s even invaded the church.  There is a HUGE problem with this way of thinking.  As believers we are in DESPERATE need of help.  We must embrace the fact that everything we are, any positive attributes we posses are not our own, but have been given to us by God.  I have no righteousness of my own, but I am clothed in His righteousness.  Even the breath that I possess is not my own but given by Him.  As a matter of fact the Bible says in Isaiah, that we are to sever ourselves from a man whose breath is in his own nostrils. So the real problem as I see it is this:  If we continue to have the “self-made” ideology, then we will refuse help.

Today in the church there are many in need of help, however for some reason they refuse it.  Whether it’s fear, pride, or simple stubbornness, something is causing believers to remain bound when freedom is at hand.  I have seen God move and many receive freedom from all kinds of situations.  I have seen demons cast out, and freedom replace bondage.  I’ve seen God’s healing power cure the blind as well as the smallest ailment.  The sad thing is that His power to heal and deliver was available to all who were present during those times, but it was refused.  I have often wondered why?  I think the answer to that question is because they don’t feel they need or deserve help.  We have allowed the enemy to deceive us into accepting a low “self-worth”.  Once again our value is not derived in ourselves, but it comes from the God who created us.  So to think we’re not worthy of His healing or deliverance is once again due to this “self-made” ideology.  We don’t deserve any of God’s gifts or goodness, but we partake of it because of  His grace.  We can’t earn any of it, but a God who is simply mad about us freely gives it.  However the person who just doesn’t feel they need help, is the one that concern me the most.  That person just doesn’t trust.  Trust means to totally rely upon.  So if we think we don’t need help then we are telling the creator of the universe that we know better than He. 

I think that each of us needs a revelation of dependence.  If we will become totally dependent on God, then we will receive EVERYTHING that He has to offer.  Even if we feel free, there is always more freedom.  If we will become people of “the more”, then we will find we always need His help.  So I guess the Beatles had it right in this respect.  HELP I NEED SOMEONE and that someone is GOD.

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